Eye exams are an essential part of pediatric care. But, how young should kids start getting eye exams? This article will answer these questions and provide tips on finding an excellent pediatric optometrist. If you feel your kids need an eye exam, bring them to Clinton Eye Associates in Clinton, CT.

How Often Should Kids Get Eye Exams?

Most experts recommend children have their first eye exam at around six months old. Of course, many kids don’t start showing signs of vision problems until they are older. But it’s essential to get them checked early, just in case.

After that initial Clinton eye exam, most kids need to see an optometrist every year. If your child has a family history of eye disease or other risk factors, they may need to be seen more often.

What Happens During a Pediatric Eye Exam?

The optometrist will check your child’s vision and eye health during a Clinton pediatric eye exam. This check is important because many kids with vision problems don’t realize they have them.

The kid’s eye doctor will use an eye chart tool to test your child’s vision. They will also do a refraction test to see if your child needs glasses or contact lenses. Most kids adjust quickly to wearing them, which can improve your child’s quality of life.

The kid’s eye doctor will also check for common childhood eye diseases, such as amblyopia and strabismus. They will likely refer you to a pediatric ophthalmologist for further testing and treatment if they find anything.

Tips for Finding a Good Pediatric Ophthalmologist

First, ask your child’s pediatrician for a referral. You can also check with your insurance company to see if there are any in-network providers near you. Once you have a few names, you can start looking into their qualifications. Make sure they are board certified and have experience treating children. It would help if you also read online reviews to understand other parents’ affairs. Finally, once you’ve found a few providers you’re considering, schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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How young can kids get eye exams? The Clinton Eye Associates team recommends children have their first comprehensive eye exam at six months old. After that, they should have another exam at three years old, and then every two to four years after that, depending on their vision health. If you have concerns about your child’s vision, call us at (860) 669-2020 and schedule an appointment with us in Clinton, CT.

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